The Koh Tao Coral Reef Restoration Project – 3 years after its creation


All CRC Team is pleased to present you our latest video showing The Coral Reef Restoration Project installed in Koh Tao 3 years ago.

You just have to click on the picture to be linked to the video. Thank you for watching.

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Coral spawning along Indian islands: a phenomenon called “Sex-on-the-Reef”

imagesA rare and curious phenomenon, coral spawning, popularly referred to as ‘sex-on-the-reef’, has been recorded scientifically for the first time along Lakshadweep islands on India’s west coast, a Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) researcher has claimed.

Generally observed after full-moon nights, coral spawning is a magnificent phenomenon of sexual reproduction of corals, which involves mass collective expulsion of colourful eggs and sperm clouds into the water by corals.

Please click on the picture to know more about the coral spawning event in Lakshadweep islands

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Ocean Circulation May Have Released CO2 at End of Ice Ages


At the end of each ice age, the ocean exhales carbon dioxide. Scientists believe this explains the difference in atmospheric CO2 concentrations between ice ages, which have lower concentrations of carbon dioxide, and warmer, more CO2-saturated periods like the one we’re living in now.

What causes that carbon dioxide to exit the ocean when an ice age ends?

Click on the pictures to learn more about CO2 releases.

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Antarctic sea-ice expansion

ngeo1767-f4Changes in sea ice significantly modulate climate change because of its high reflective and strong insulating nature. In contrast to Arctic sea ice, sea ice surrounding Antarctica has expanded1, with record extent2 in 2010. This ice expansion has previously been attributed to dynamical atmospheric changes that induce atmospheric cooling3. Here we show that accelerated basal melting of Antarctic ice shelves is likely to have contributed significantly to sea-ice expansion … please click on the image to read more about the article.

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Oceans continue to warm


When discussing global warming, the public eye is mostly directed to global average surface air temperatures, but that’s just one slice of the climate pie. If you haven’t noticed, the ocean is awfully big, and it holds a great deal more heat energy than the atmosphere. In fact, about 90 percent of the energy that’s been added to the climate system by human activities has gone into the ocean.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to monitor that. There are a multitude of measuring stations for surface air temperatures, but our presence in the ocean is limited. With the advent of the Argo array—a fleet of autonomous, drifting floats that measure ocean temperatures—in the early 2000s, our data improved drastically. Still, the uncertainty has historically been greater for deeper waters.

In 2010, … click on the image to read full article

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Titanic 2


Declaring it will be the safest cruise ship in the world and will have more than enough lifeboats just in case something goes wrong, the designer of what’s supposed to be a replica of the Titanic has unveiled images of what the Titanic II will look like, inside and out.

It was almost a year ago, some Two-Way readers will recall, when we passed along words that Australian billionaire Clive Palmer had contracted with a Chinese shipbuilder to build such a ship.

“There will be capacity for 2,435 passengers and 900 crew. There will also be lifeboats that can carry 2,700 and a life rafts with an additional capacity of 800. The original Titanic had just 16 wooden lifeboats that accommodated 1,178 people, one third of the total capacity. Some 1,502 people died when it sank on April 15 1912.”

“Just like in 1912 there will be three classes of passenger and those with different tickets will not be able to move between the classes, though there will be more toilets for the lower decks than the original. Everyone on board will however be provided with early-20th-century-style clothes and undergarments in their cabins to get them in the mood. Whilst there will be air conditioning there will be no TVs and no Internet in a bid to get back to the ‘romance’ of a bygone age.”

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Une véritable artillerie à disposition de la pêche


Il existe de nombreuses techniques de pêche variant en fonction des espèces ciblées. Chaluts, palangres, ou encore « senne », présentons succinctement trois techniques. Les pêcheries  actuelles apparaissent alors comme une véritable industrie en guerre contre les océans.

Cliquer sur la photo pour lire l’article en entier et surtout visionner la vidéo, merci

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